The COW Report Story

The COW Report and Loyal Order Of Raccoons, was created in 1987 by Chuck Lee and used various names until 1990, when the present name was adopted. It is the premier live TV talk show on television today. Tune in to watch your host, Chuck, and his rusty, trusty, sidekick, Fred "the truth" Stafford, impart the news and views of the world heretofore hidden in the recesses of nanovision, until this very moment of time and space continuum. You will see and hear revelations of news and views from around the world that the other media outlets must hide to protect their leftist agenda. Do you dare miss this kind of enlightenment? We don't kid around buddy boy, because we don't have to! And of course, I can't afford not to mention our pyrotechnical engineer, Roy "Rogers" Hoff, the great, great, grandson of Hop-a-long Cassidy, on his pet Iguana's side of the family, twice removed. So, you don't want to miss one or two exciting episodes. You can watch us at PAC TV Channel 11, located in Eau Claire, on any 'ol Monday night at 9:00PM CST. Oh, by the way, due to the tremendous flow of visitors coming to see the COW Report International Studios, Fred will be conducting 30 minute around the clock tours of the facilities. That is, when he's not down by the American Legion on Water Street drinking a luke warm Flavin Pop or playing Bingo or something of that nature. Well, boys and girls, remember to drink your Flavin Pop, because it will build strong bodies 12 ways and help you to understand the show better, if you will only let it. And remember, the ingredients in Flavin Pop are secret, nobody knows what it is made of. If they did, then it wouldn't be a secret! Well, we'll be seeing you on the next COW Report real soon. So, for now, Adios, Amigo's and Amigette's!!


Governor Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin
Howard Phillips, Chairman, Conservative Caucus
U.S. Senator Robert Kasten, Wisconsin
Larry Klayman, Chairman, Judicial Watch
Chris Ruddy, Investigative Reporter, Author
Larry Nichols, Investigative Video/Radio Journalist, Arkansas
State Senator Dave Zien
State Senator Bob Welch
Dan Pilla, Sr., Tax Strategist
Checky Formel, Comedian
Jonnie "The Man" Ringo, Professional Wrestler
Jim Grainbelt, Kung Fu Garbage Cop
Carlos Montoya, Author of "Cooking With Carlos"
Dino, Christian Pianist
Steve and Annie Chapman, Christian Singers
Jeffrey Dahmer's minister
Governor Warren Knowles, Wisconsin
Steven Curtis Chapman, Christian Singer
Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum
Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld, Education Expert
WhiteHeart, Christian Group

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